Thursday, November 21, 2013

Did Israel’s Mossad Assassinated US President John F. Kennedy?

If Oliver Stone’s cinematic opus JFK failed to fully convince everyone on the conspiracy of the “military-industrial-complex and the US government personnel tasked to protect the then US President Kennedy, did the Israeli Mossad the obvious overlooked suspect of JFK’s assassination 50 years ago? 

By: Ringo Bones 

It seems like the complicity of the state of Israel in the “conspiracy” behind the assassination of then US President John F. Kennedy back in November 22, 1963 seems largely overlooked by mainstream tenured historians and “big-wig” conspiracy buffs. After all, the then fledgling state of Israel did have some very legitimate reasons to “take out” President Kennedy during his visit to Dallas, Texas back in that fateful day of November 22, 1963 – where everyone old enough to remember who are still alive to this very day will never forget where they are and what they are doing at the time when they heard the news that JFK was assassinated. 

It now barely registers on the consciousness radar of self-styled JFK assassination conspiracy buffs that back in 1961 when President Kennedy was freshly voted and inaugurated into the US Presidency. Kennedy vetoed a bill that would allow supporters of state of Israel in the Capitol Hill – i.e. pro AIPAC Republicans – to start their own clandestine nuclear weapons program. President Kennedy signed it into law that forbade the federal government to send nuclear weapons starting material that would allow the state of Israel to start their own clandestine nuclear weapons program – as in manufacture in secret either weapons-grade uranium-235 or plutonium-239 that would never be found out by the IAEA. Even though it wasn’t until 1968 that an international nuclear weapons non proliferation treaty – i.e. Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty or NPT – as far back as 1961, the United States government was already spearheading an internationally binding agreement that would prevent the spread of nuclear weapons – especially to less-than-democratic states. 

Was Lee Harvey Oswald merely a patsy as a still unnamed and unseen by the now iconic Abraham Zapruder footage – the Mossad operative hiding in the now infamous “grassy knoll” that took the fatal shot that took out President Kennedy on that fateful morning of November 22, 1963? Or was the “Mossad operative” on that Grassy Knoll wearing a Ghillie Suit? Well, the Model 1891 Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5mm X 52mm rifle that Oswald used in shooting President Kennedy was later found out by the warren Commission during the course of the investigation that it was not sighted properly and had to be readjusted before firearms tests could be conducted. And the “weapons system” used by Lee Harvey Oswald is not much of a rifle and not much of a cartridge by top-tier professional assassin standards as Oswald was doubtlessly shooting old European made military ammunition.  Or did the Mossad operative who did shoot President Kennedy used a sniper weapons system that fires the 6.5mm X 52mm round but with a way better lower receiver than your stock Mannlicher-Carcano rifle? 

But, as everyone closely following the facts behind the assassination of JFK, Oswald only had a 50-yard shot. A competent shooter – even a licensed civilian gun owner who hunts and shoots recreationally on weekends – with a well-maintained Colt M-1911A semi automatic pistol could easily have hit JFK in the head from Lee Harvey Oswald’s vantage-point in the window of that now notorious Texas Book Depository Building. Though a few years ago I have managed to hit a half-silhouetted target from 50-yards away from an elevated position using a well-maintained 1950s era Smith & Wesson revolver, does this mean that Lee Harvey Oswald had more than luck on his side to have successfully shot President John F. Kennedy back then? 

According to Oliver Stone in his cinematic opus JFK – President John F. Kennedy was allegedly done to death by the military-industrial-complex while aided and abetted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service and the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. Why the Catholic Church was left out by “prosecutor Stone” given that back then President Kennedy was frequently engaged in extra-marital trysts – I don’t know. Possibly it was an honest oversight and after all, we were, as a society, very “Politically Incorrect” during the early 1960s. Yet, a lot more “well-informed speculation” has been surmised about the JFK Assassination since Steve Weston “self-published” his book titled Woodrow Wilson and the Death of John Kennedy through Barnes & Noble and Borders back in 1998.  

But what about the “conspiracy” behind assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan back in 1981 – was John Hinckley, Jr. just a "patsy" of the Military-Industrial-Complex? The fact is President John F. Kennedy was a proverbial godsend to the US Military Industrial Complex because during the Kennedy Administration, 31 Lafayette Class ballistic missile submarines were authorized and / or built plus Kennedy’s promise of sending a man to the Moon before the 1960s decade is out benefitted major American defense companies during the Apollo program. By contrast, during the first four years of the Reagan Administration, only 3 new ballistic missile submarines were authorized. Might we believe that the “military-industrial-complex” was behind John Hinckley, Jr.?