Thursday, July 24, 2014

Denver International Airport: Conspiracy Theorists Nexus Du Jour?

Billions of dollars over budget and still under construction 15 years after its alleged completion date, is the Denver International Airport now the nexus du jour of conspiracy theorists? 

By: Ringo Bones 

It may be just the “doomsday themed artwork” but conspiracy theorists across the political spectrum – i.e. from those with a “liberal streak” to the right-wing conservative white supremacists ones – seem to agree that there more going on under the supposedly idyll corporate veneer of the Denver International Airport. Now at 3.9 billion US dollars over budget – as in 3 times over its original construction budget - and apparently still under construction, especially in the airport’s lower levels, 15 years after its alleged completion date back in 1995, the Denver International Airport had attracted the fascination of both the old and new generation of conspiracy theorists on allegedly how the political and corporate elites will survive the upcoming “apocalypse at the expense of most of us ordinary working class folks. But is this a “conspiracy theory” that manages to hold water or is it just a speculation full of holes? 

The nexus of conspiracy theorists fascination of the new Denver International Airport and the ones that generate the most discussion probably centers on the “doomsday themed” artwork / mural decorating the main lobby of the airport. From my own perspective, the “post apocalyptic dictator” wearing a respirator mural seems to me like a rip-off of General Bison – i.e. the arch-nemesis of Col. Guile in the video game or the movie Street Fighter – i.e. the first one that starred Jean Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. And given that this was made in 1995, it might actually be inspired – or maybe just a cynical rip-off – of both the movie and the video game Street Fighter.  

Another aspect of the Denver International Airport artwork / mural that drew attention of conspiracy theorists was the “brave new world” themed mural where people of different races are holding hands and standing side by side. Although not so inexplicably, it seems that only conspiracy theorists with a “white supremacist conservative Evangelical Christian streak” are the ones mainly offended by this particular artwork.
Another aspect of the Denver International Airport that draw attention to conspiracy theorist is that the private underwriters footing the “over-budget” part of the airport construction bill – the New World Airport Commission – because of their “alleged” Freemason links. While freemasons had raised the ire of conspiracy theorists due to their “alleged” control of the global economy and the world’s most powerful policymakers, it seems that the proof used by the conspiracy theorists of the New World Airport Commissions’ Freemason links is the Freemason symbol on the stone plaque placed in the airport’s main lobby. 

While the plausibility of a secret “VIP fallout shelter” secretly still under construction under the Denver International Airport is probably the “most plausible” of all the conspiracy theories due to the fact that until this very day, the lower levels of the Denver International Airport is still under construction while very strict security measures are in place to keep out the general public from seeing whatever’s being done under there.  Though allegedly this very spacious VIP fallout shelter is guaranteed to keep the Washington D.C. and Wall Street / Madison Avenue power elite survive the upcoming thermonuclear war in case it happens and keep them there safe from all the radiation for 30 years. On the surface, however, Denver International Airport is just like any other world class international airport equipped with six 10,000-foot runways that can handle the biggest of the modern jumbo jet airliners. 

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  1. I do agree, that Doomsday General / Doomsday Generalisimo of that 'Doomsday Art Mural' at the main lobby of Denver International Airport eerily looks like General M. Bison that was portrayed by the late great actor, Raul Julia, in the 1994 Street Fighter movie.